Application Template V 2.0

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Application Template V 2.0

Post by Grim Reaper on Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:32 pm


1.) Which games do you play? :

2.) List all of your accounts and links connected to them :

3.) How old are you? :

4.) Why do you wanna apply for this job? :

5.) Of all permissions this job has which one do you like the most? :

6.) Why do you think you would be good for this job? :

7.) In what type of situations would you use your rights and which? :

8.) Do you have any experience about this job from anywhere else and from where? :

9.) Do you think you can fill all your jobs and follow all rules successfully for this job? :

10.) Any special Comments / Thoughts you would like to share with us? :


2.) Must be active in Chat at least 5h per day
3.) Must be Original while filling the Application to pass
4.) Must read rules for Chat Moderator you can find here:
8.) Definitely MUST READ these requirements


1.) Go to ''Application Template'' (this room)
2.) Name your post with your game name and exact number of times you are reapplying with mark "#" in front of the number
3.) Copy all the questions from the Application Template
4.) Go to page ''DOB Chat Moderator'', press ''New Topic'' and paste all the questions there
5.) After pasting all the questions, answer them as original as you can
6.) After finishing your Application, scroll down and press ''Post new topic''
7.) Wait for the first comment, then your Application process starts


1.) First comment on you application should be Questiong Phase Starts
2.) From here on you are supposed to answer on everyone's question
3.) If there were no questions 2 full days Voting Phase Starts
4.) Voting Phase lasts 3 days, in which your goal is to get 7 votes ON THE END of it
5.) Old School's vote has value of 0.5 points, DOB Member's is worth double and has value of 1 point, ultimately Application Judge's vote is worth foursome and has value of 2 points
6.) In case you do not achieve points in equal or greater value of 7 you will be denied, in that case you can reapply in 1 week. Otherwise you will be accepted and welcomed to DOB.


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