Stefann #1

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Stefann #1

Post by Stefann on Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:45 am

1.) Which games do you play? : PB2

2.) Where do you live? : Serbia

3.) How old are you? : 14

4.) Describe yourself : Hi?

5.) Why do you want to join DOB? : I was just searching for random clan and found this one.

6.) What can you offer to DOB? : I can help you to let your members count +1. Ya!

7.) What could DOB offer to you? : Dunno.

8.) Do you have any experiences with anything merged with high ranked member in the clan? : Not really.

9.) Do you have any Alternative Accounts? : Nope.

10.) If you do, list them with profile links down below : Justin Bieber

11.) Any special Comments / Thoughts you would like to share with us? : Oh it's done? Well ok.



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Re: Stefann #1

Post by Aorra on Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:43 am

Application Declined

-You did put the tag before getting Accepted
-You did not take the application seriusly, its not a joke
-You did not describe yourself as you were suppose to
-You failed to meet the requirements
-You lied about your real name

Apply in 1 week. Surprise me.

If you read this you're an Idiot.


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